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Campaign Highlights

Spooktacular Human-Protected Bike Lane for a Protected #RideToWestSide

There's currently no protected or even direct route from the Brooklyn Bridge bike path and the popular Hudson River Greenway. On Halloween, Bridges 4 People created a human-protected bike lane going west on Chambers Street so cyclists could safely make their #RideToWestSide.

Throughout the afternoon, people on bikes, including delivery workers and costumed cyclists celebrating Halloween, enjoyed a direct, safe connection to Manhattan's west side.

Afterwards, Bridges 4 People supporters headed to the Halloween Photo-BOO-th on Ave B to hang out with our friends at Loisaida Open Streets (Twitter | Instagram)!

Happy cyclist after riding through our human-protected bike lane
Photo by Rose Uscianowski
Bridges 4 People at the Loisaida Open Streets Halloween Photo-BOO-th
Photo by Loisaida Open Streets Community Coalition (Twitter | Instagram)

Bridges 4 People Op-Ed in Streetsblog

Last month, a two-way protected bike path replaced a car lane on the Brooklyn Bridge. More people have already been able to safely bike across the East River, but there is still more work to be done to create Bridges 4 People.

Check out our opinion piece in Streetsblog, "Brooklyn Bridge Bike Lane Is Only the Beginning of 'Bridges 4 People,'" to learn more about what's still needed before we have bridges that serve the majority of New Yorkers who do not own cars.

Brooklyn Bridge Bike Path Celebration

Bridges 4 People hosted a bike ride and pedestrian parade to celebrate the opening of its new bi-directional bike path. Cyclists kicked off the celebration by biking both ways across the Brooklyn Bridge.

After the ride, cyclists met up with our pedestrian participants for a rally with speeches from TA Exceutive Director Danny Harris and Bridges 4 People activists. Everyone marched together on foot (some walking bicycles!) in a unified parade on the bridge's promenade to fun music from Off the Bar Brass!

Finally, we toasted at a restaurant in South Street Seaport to celebrate pedestrians and cyclists now having their own dedicated spaces.

Our parade group holding signs at the entrance to to Brooklyn Bridge on the Manhattan
Photo by Rachel Thompson
Off the Bar Brass led our parade with funky, fun brass music
Photo by Rose Uscianowski

Cyclists gathering before the ride across the Brooklyn Bridge
Photo by Liz Denys

Kid holds up a colorful sign that says I'm walkin here with a drawing of a pedestrian crossing a bridge
Photo by Rachel Thompson
Our parade group heading across the Brooklyn Bridge
Photo by Rose Uscianowski

#Bridges4People Citywide Summer Ride

#Bridges4People toured the various applications of bike lanes on city bridges and connecting street networks at the first annual Citywide Summer Ride! Participants met activists from all five boroughs and gained a better understanding of bike infrastructure across the city. Council Members Brad Lander and Stephen Levin spoke at the rally before the ride.

The ride consisted of three legs totalling 28.4 miles, and the route created by Bronx Activist Lucia Deng can be found here.

The Citywide Summer Ride was a collaboration with Transportation Alternatives committees from all five boroughs, including activists working on The Harbor Ring and the #WashingtonBridge4People campaign.

Panorama of activists at the ride
Photo by @ChainringQueen

Activists posed for a photo in front of the Brooklyn Bridge
Photo by Rose Uscianowski

Activists carrying bikes up stairs to cross a bridge
Photo by @ChainringQueen
Activists riding down a bike lane
Photo by @ChainringQueen

Activists crossing a street in Park Slope/Gowanus
Photo by Diane Martins

Brooklyn Activist Juan Serra made an incredible video of the third leg of the ride:

City Council Candidate Rally and Ride

City Council candidates from District 1 and 33 joined #Bridges4People for a ride from the west side of Lower Manhattan to and across the Brooklyn Bridge and then back over the Manhattan Bridge. Even though the Hudson River Greenway is the busiest bike path in the United States, it still isn't well connected to the East River bridges.

If you missed the event, you can watch a recording of the rally before the ride:

The #Bridges4People Campaign is a project of the Transportation Alternatives Brooklyn, North Brooklyn, and Manhattan Activist committees.

The #Bridges4People Campaign is supported by your donations, and your contribution will go directly towards our effort to create bridges for people. Donate now.

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